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GOB and Unions Continue Negotiations

 Reliable reports reaching our newsroom are that the unions have agreed to the ten percent cut in salaries for public officers and teachers.  Love News understands that the agreement came with some conditions including the cut back in working hours in the public service, taking it from 9am to 5pm, and a fifteen percent cut in salaries for the Cabinet ministers.  Our newsroom reached out to the union leaders, who informed us that they are yet to consult their membership on the counterproposal and that those consultations will be happening over the Easter weekend.  We hear first from the President of the Association of Public Service Senior Managers (APSSM), Sharon Frazer.



Also speaking on the ongoing negotiations is PSU’s First Vice President, Dean Flowers. Flowers told Love News that the government made several proposal but a final deal has not been agreed on.

Dean Flowers, First Vice President, PSU: “The union received certain proposal or concessions  from the government that includes those things that you speak of. The joint unions positions having consulted with it’s membership up until when we last met with government was that public officers were not in agreement and the no was resounding and it was unanimous. In terms of any conditions attached to a salary cut those were proposal put forward by the government. Those proposal have been shared with our members, our members continue to look at them and from the public service union’s stand point we have put those concessions from the government in a survey and we have circulated that amongst our membership and the wider public service to see if they’re amenable to the cut in exchange if I can use that term, in exchange for the increment freeze and the salary cut. We’re expecting to close that survey today at 5 P.M. after which we will analyze the results of that survey, after which we will report back to membership, after which we will then huddle with the joint unions and see where we go from there. There has been absolutely no agreement reached with government. Government in their wisdom felt that it would have been prudent for the mto make some concessions and that is where we are.”

 As negotiations and consultations resume over the weekend the Government has announced the next House Meeting for Friday, April nine where it is anticipated that the budget will be read for the new fiscal year.