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GOB Announces Mandatory Vaccinations for Public Officers

Essential workers and public officers are now being ordered by the Ministry of Public Services to get the jab by December 15. An internal memo sent to our newsroom shows that the heads of departments and CEOs were notified today that by the 15th of next month the government will no longer accept Rapid or PCR tests as an equivalent to the vaccination. The order comes a few days after Minister of Health, Michel Chebat spoke on The Morning Show saying that while they hope to achieve a certain vaccinated rate of the population, it is not mandatory. He spoke on both the vaccines and the booster shots.

Thamar Jones, Host, The Morning Show: As it pertains to the booster shots are we going to be forced to take that one as well or is it going to be optional ?

Michel Chebat, Minister of Health and Wellness: “No well you know Thamar there is really no forcing so to speak. We’ve come to recognize and I think across the world we recognize that the main tool we have to fight this pandemic is the vaccine and we truly believe that vaccines save lives and we want as many of our citizens as possible to be vaccinated. So you know the booster is a voluntary vaccine, it is if you wish to have it like all of the other requirements for the vaccines you know we have kept the options open to individuals who have some strong feeling against it to be able to present a test and so the vaccine is a voluntary one.”

So, what will happen to those who refuse to get partially or fully vaccinated by the deadline? According to the memo they will not be allowed inside the office and will be marked as absent from work which would result in disciplinary measures.