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GOB backs up FCD’s report

Nine days ago we told you about the two poachers who were caught inside the Chiquibul Forest by FCD rangers. The men, Guatemalan national Edras Garcia, and Honduran national Elder Diaz had killed four wild birds, three curassows and one Crested Guan, and had captured two scarlet macaw chicks. Today the Ministry of Foreign Affairs commended the work of the FCD rangers stating that FCD actions were quote, “consistent with the Rules of Engagement for addressing life-threatening acts of potential hostility by persons found in the National Park.” End of quote. The Ministry saw it necessary to form a group of officials from several ministries to confirm the FCD report. The high level group of professionals commends the FCD team for the exercise of restraint it displayed in apprehending the persons recognizing the important role played by FCD. The FCD has had a co-management agreement with the Government of Belize since 2007.