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GOB Condemns Attack on Prime Minister Ralph Gonsalves

St. Vincent and the Grenadines Prime Minister Ralph Gonsalves had to be hospitalised after being hit to the head by a stone. International and regional media report that Prime Minister Gonsalves was walking through a crowd outside parliament on Thursday when he was reportedly hit causing noticeable bleeding. Today, the Government of Belize issued a statement in which it quote “unequivocally condemns the physical assault” on the Prime Minister, who has served the archipelago as its head of government since 2001. The Belize Government says that quote “While the right to assembly is a fundamental freedom in democratic societies, violent protests can never be countenanced. We reject any attempt to introduce violence, hate and undemocratic practices into the political life of the Caribbean Community which has a proud and long history of peace, democratic traditions, and respect for rule of law and human rights. We call for those responsible for the attack on Prime Minister Gonsalves to be brought to justice” Unquote. The statement ends by saying that the Belize Government quote “stands in solidarity with Prime Minister Gonsalves and the Government and people of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines and extends its best wishes to him for a speedy recovery.” End quote. Gonsalves has served as Prime Minister for exactly twenty years, one hundred twenty-nine days, the longest continuously serving PM in the Caribbean Community.