GOB Finds New Candidate for Public Service Commission Chairperson

GOB Finds New Candidate for Public Service Commission Chairperson

We also managed to ask Prime Minister John Briceno about the Public Service Commission. The PM says that a new candidate has been identified to chair the Commission. As we’ve reported, Cresencio Sosa Senior had already accepted to serve as chair; however, he submitted a request to withdraw his name from the post due to illness that would impede him from providing optimal performance.  PM Briceño says that after several discussions, they have decided to go with retiring public officer, Diana Murrillo-Price.

John Briceno, Prime Minister of Belize: “Once that happened then we have been looking and trying to find somebody that would meet the criteria that will be able to do a good job to be able to get rid of all the backlog within the Public Service Commission. Last week after discussing many many names were coming up a lot of them we felt that they were just too close to the PUP although they would have been competent and we could have named them but we just felt it’s best to take our time and put somebody good as opposed to just say OK let’s hurry put somebody there just because and so last week I interviewed Diana Murrillo Price who has been a public officer for over 40 years and she’s about to retire probably in the next two or three weeks from now and she has said that she would be honored to take on that position so if the Leader of the Opposition has not been written to he will be written between today and tomorrow of the name.” 

The Public Service Union of Belize (PSU) had suggested, Alfredo Cruz, as a candidate for this post since Sosa’s withdrawal would be the second time a prospective chairperson has done so, which they say has caused complications for Public Officers. However, PM Briceño says they do not believe he would have been adequate for the position.

John Briceno, Prime Minister of Belize: “Mr Cruz had some issues when he was working which I prefer not to comment. I could tell you privately and because of that it was said that maybe we should not name him but the Public Service Commission also, the president needs to understand what is his role if he wants to name them then he needs to get elected and become a leader of a party and then become the Prime Minister. They can make recommendations and if he would only be a little bit more respectful I think he could get a lot more done but his tone of his letter it is obvious that he continues to support Gaspar Vega and the UDP. If he should only get forget that and look at what he’s doing as the president of the Public Service Union I think a lot more could be done.” 

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