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GOB Holds three-day Workshop for Finance Officers in Public Service

A three-day workshop for finance officers in the public service concluded on Thursday. Sixty-nine officers participated in the event.
The workshop, which had support from the EU-funded Public Financial Management Support Project, collaborated for the workshop, which spanned three days to accommodate COVID-19 protocols. The overall aim was to refresh and address the specific roles and responsibilities in relation to the mandate of the Ministry of Finance. Financial Secretary Joseph Waight spoke to our colleagues at the Press Office.

Joseph Waight, Financial Secretary

Joseph Waight, Financial Secretary: “It’s a part of a wider project where the Government of Belize is trying to improve its public financial management and it has several aspects but one of the key aspects is training and refreshers for serving public officer particularly at the middle to senior level in the Finance Officer division and hopefully we can do something too at some stage for not only the finance officer but the administrative officers as well because of the interconnection. We have quite a wide cross section of ministries here and each can say how they interact with each other and what common problems are and what common solutions may be but essentially it’s to talk about issues, problems, what really should be done what shouldn’t be done and to share experiences and to help each other.”

In addition, the Fin Sec said that the opportunity for strengthened inter-ministerial collaboration was also evident and his hope that recipients capitalize on it.

Joseph Waight, Financial Secretary: “Hopefully as you walk down the step this evening you leave with a little more information, knowledge than when you came up the steps this morning. So it’s basically but the prime thing for me is that officers will first of all be able to ask questions, doubts that they may have and to share their experiences and get knowledge from others. It’s like a peer support and we’ve engaged the services of a consultancy called ICARIS I think it’s a Canadian firm and one of the consultants is here to guide us as well. So it is sponsored but at the request of the Government of Belize as part of the wider public financial management program.”

The Ministries of Finance and the Public Service, Constitutional and Political Reform were also key to the organization of the workshops.