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GOB Implements Temporary Travel Ban

On the international scene, India’s health system continues to crash as the COVID-19 pandemic ravages the country. The number of confirmed COVID-19 cases in India has passed twenty-four million. More than two hundred and sixty-one thousand persons have died in India because of the virus. India’s health system continues to crash as the number of deaths increases. A temporary travel ban on persons who have travelled to and from, or transited, India is now in effect. Prime Minister John Briceno told Love news that the temporary ban is due to the rising numbers of persons in these countries infected with the COVID-19 virus.

John Briceno, Prime Minister of Belize: “We continue to be extremely grateful to the Government and people of India but they themselves understand that they have a problem unfortunately and we in Belize should also take that as an example of how easily this virus could get out of hand. Let me digress a little bit here as it is right now I see Belizeans are starting to become complacent behaving as if the virus has disappeared. I see pictures where people go to night clubs and the club is overflowing with people. We need to be careful. We know that the night clubs want to be able to work but we also need to ask them to be responsible. Do not overfull your club because then you are risking not only the people that are going there but even yourselves that you can get sick. So I’m appealing to all businesses, I understand and the pressures that they have and the pain that they’re going through but we need to be careful. This virus can spiral out of control. The Government of India understand that they have a problem. They have shut down most of their airports, they have tried to contain the travelling within their country and there have been many other countries that have already said let’s watch what’s happening in India and so for the time being let us not accept people coming from India. We’re not talking only if you’re an Indian citizen but even if a Belizean Citizen is in India right now and wants to come into Belize we’re saying you can’t come until we believe that that crisis is under control. And we want to monitor it very closely, we have a lot of Belizeans of Indian descent that have families over there so we feel for them and we continue to be very grateful to India- India is a good friend of ours but in this time I know that they also understand the necessity of us in Belize to take that position of saying that for the next few months we’re going to be monitoring how the Indian government and people are controlling this virus.”

The travel ban extends to persons traveling to and from Bangladesh.