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GOB Launches the Belize-Taiwan Song Commission Project

Belize and Taiwan have partnered on very many initiatives during the thirty-two years they’ve enjoyed diplomatic relations. The most recent is the Belize-Taiwan Song Commission Project. Love News attended the launch of five songs by Belizean artists. We spoke to ICA’s program officer, Kimberley Vasquez.

Kim Vasquez, Program Officer, ICA: “Ambassador Candice Pitts she recognized the ability of music and culture to build cultural diplomacy and to strengthen the bilateral relationship between Belize and Taiwan and she really wanted to create opportunities for Belizean artists to reach an international market. So that was the inspiration for the Belize Taiwan songs project. Indeed she wanted a mixture of both songs that spoke about Belize and she wanted one or two that spoke to the friendship between Belize and Taiwan. And I was pleasantly surprised to see that many of the artists chose to reflect and to be inspired by that friendship. Whereas we had assumed that many of them would have gone to their comfort zone because as you know several of them are veterans of the National Song Competition but as you heard a few of them say they wanted to challenge themselves and so I think this was a wonderful opportunity in that it served another purpose. During this pandemic opportunities for creativity are limited for creative expression and so this is what this project also did it served a two fold purpose.”