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GOB Lessens the Wait Time for Booster Shots

Yesterday, Statutory Instrument number 147 went into effect on November 26. The new SI includes minor changes to GOB’s current health protocols. One of those changes was shortening the wait time for a person to receive a booster shot. The new wait times for the AstraZeneca and Pfizer vaccines are now three months after the second dose. For the single shot Johnson and Johnson vaccine, the wait time for the second shot is now 2 months after being vaccinated. And those who had caught the virus can now be vaccinated one month after the laboratory diagnosis. According to Deputy Director of Health Services, Dr. Francis Morey the changes were made to ensure Belize is on the right track towards herd immunity.

Dr.Francis Murray, Deputy Director of Health Services: “I haven’t seen what Cabinet has decided upon. I did see what Dr.Beer who is the technical advisory for the MCH program I believe we have been reviewing literature along with the National Vaccination Task Force and so the recommendations from what is there is what is happening globally and so we continue to have that in country. If you notice what we’re cutting off is a period of time and at the initial part of it when we started the second dose we were giving a timeline of eight to twelve weeks, that has come down essentially to eight weeks. I mean you still have that period. Nonetheless we do ask the public, those who have only received one dose, to go and get their second dose. We are following what is happening globally and the basic objective is to get that herd immunity percentage from seventy and above as soon as possible.”

The target for Belize is seventy-one percent of its population being fully vaccinated.