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GOB Preps for COP-26

A 30-member government delegation is preparing to travel to Glasgow, Scotland in the United Kingdom. The international COP-26 event will be taking place where global leaders come together to look at governing their respective countries in reducing carbon emissions that are dangerously affecting the environment. In speaking with CEO Dr Osmond Martinez, Belize may not be ready to fully transition to electric vehicles, but the government is prepared to start making steps in that direction.

Dr.Osmond Martinez, CEO, Ministry of Economic Development: “In COP26 we are not only approaching it as a country but also as a region and when I speak about the region I’m speaking about the Caribbean region that we need to have an approach knowing that the Caribbean region and Belize is among the top – well Belize is among the top eight countries most vulnerable to climate disaster and as such it is also important to note that Belize’s contribution to carbon emissions is very low however countries such as the United States and Russia, China, India they are high contributors to carbon emissions and countries now in the Caribbean actually are suffering from climate change but not getting that benefit in dollars. And so we have to look at modern ways and move away from the traditional was on how to grow the economy hence the reason Belize is moving on to the legislation of carbon credits and also to look at the different carbon credits where whether they are the blue, the green, the orange or the red. So we are going with that focus and to take a position on where we are in regards to climate change. Moving on to vehicles or equipment that will be electrical is good but we also have to look at the source of what is generating the energy and that is where Belize needs to start off from. Now Belize needs to move on to renewable energy. We have a golden opportunity because we are importing most of our energy so the restructure of the energy and the way how we supply energy that is something that will have to be looked at closely and has to change. It cannot continue the way it is and so renewable energy is the way forward and then from there we can look at the byproducts. Okay vehicles that will be using electricity but what about having that economic domino effect where it will speak about industries, factories that will be using renewable energy. And so this is a very important and key on the way forward. As per your question whether Belize is there or not we are far from being there but this government is serious. As I said we are not looking at the traditional way of growing the economy but we are looking at innovative way, a modern way on how to grow the economy and one that will help us to achieve the sustainable development goals by 2030.”

The Government of Belize has come under criticism by the opposition regarding the expenditure for its delegation attending the Cop-26 event. CEO Dr Martinez explained to Love News that the government is getting funding to attend.

Dr.Osmond Martinez, CEO, Ministry of Economic Development: “There is one point that I would love to declare too and that is yes Belize has big delegation going to COP26 but all expenses are being paid by IFIs and international donors. So all these travel expenses are not coming out from the Government of Belize which it is important for the general public to understand. It’s not that the administration has money to spend because it’ very expensive to go to COP26 but the IFIs have been gracious and they are supporting Belize and they understand that the presence of Belize at COP26 is very important.”