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GOB Pursues Rationalization Exercise

The salary cut and increment freeze may not be the only hard decision that the Briceno administration may have to take on. Within the coming weeks the government will be pursuing a rationalization exercise within the public sector which could very well translate to terminations. Interestingly, the Public Service Union (PSU) has called for the exercise as a form of streamlining the public sector. The government has agreed, and according to the Prime Minister, they will be looking at qualifications, over-staffed departments and specialization skills.

John Briceno, Prime Minister of Belize:We have to look at the services that we’re providing. Look at the numbers of people we have, look at the qualifications that they have. In many instances for instance people would got and get a Masters degree for instance in business and yet they’re teachers and then they want a pay raise because they have a Masters. You need to be able to get a Masters based on the type of work that you’re doing. We encourage everyone to try to improve themselves and get better but the part of the rationalization process is to ensure that we are paying you for what you have studied for and what you’re prepared to do. And also to look at how we can improve and create more efficiencies within government. It could possibly be that there may be in some departments that we may have too many people working and if we don’t have need for them we hope that by the time we get to that point the economy is already growing that we can release them, pay them what we need to pay them and then they can find a job in the private sector or also to find ways how they can become their own bosses and open up their own small business.”

Prime Minister Briceno says the entire process may take up to one year to conclude.