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GOB Pushes Forward with a Phase Re-Open of Face to Face Learning

Prime Minister John Briceno also spoke about returning to face-to-face classes. Briceno says that Education Minister, Francis Fonseca informed Cabinet that plans are in place for the reopening of schools for some level of in-person learning in January 2022. Briceno says all schools are required to apply for green light status from the ministry prior to the opening of schools in January.

John Briceno, Prime Minister of Belize: “The Minister of Education yesterday in Cabinet gave us an update and he is saying most of the schools are ready to do a hybrid some days in person and some days in virtual. I for one had been advocating for a very long time we need to open our schools. We need to get our children in schools that is why it’s important for the teachers to get vaccinated and then also to teach our young students to be able to say when we’re in our group or in our classroom you need to keep on your mask. So it’s just the new norm. I wish it could be different but we have to deal. We can’t bury our head in the sand so we have to face it head on and make the right decisions to be able to protect our citizens and at the same time to grow the economy to be able to create opportunities for everyone.”

Minister of State in the Ministry of Education, Dr. Louis Zabaneh also commented on GOB’s push to get children back into the classroom.

Dr.Louis Zabaneh, Minister of State, Education: “We are guided by the experts so we work very closely with the Ministry of Health and we have developed protocols that are in place to make sure that if and when we open fully that safety is gonna be central because they’re all our children. We don’t want to expose our children unnecessarily. At the same time though we must weight the fact that almost two years now that our children are out of school and the amount of learning that they have lost over this period is tremendous and so we have to make our best efforts to see how we can get them back safely into school.”