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GOB Receives Donation of ICT Equipment

The Government of Belize received a donation of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) equipment from the United Nations Development Programme through the Spotlight Initiative. The ministry believes that this equipment will not only strengthen the infrastructure but strengthen data collection and management for social workers across Belize. According to the Minister of State in the Ministry of Human Development, Elvia Vega Samos, the donation of the equipment will tremendously in the ministry’s work.
Elvia Vega-Samos, Minister of State, Ministry of Human Development: “It will help us when it comes to gender based violence so that our social workers can actually have access to the computer system because we’ve been using these computers that we’ve had for so many years so this will definitely help the way it goes a long way like I said before and we’ve also gotten a firewall system that will help in keeping people’s information confidential and it’s very secured so we are so happy and we are so grateful.” 

The equipment is valued at over thirty thousand Belizean dollars and includes computers, printers and firewall software. The upgraded system will house gender-based violence (GBV) data to support the national referral system and joint data collection by officials within the relevant government and non-government organizations that are a part of the gender referral pathway system. Love News spoke with the Deputy Resident Representative of the United Nations Development Programme in Belize, Ian King, who explained how the newly acquired equipment will help to ensure that people’s sensitive information is kept safe.

Ian King, UNDP, Deputy Resident Rep. Appointed for Belize: “Well I don’t think that there’s a full appreciation of the capacity and limitations as it related to equipment and so on. So in the limitation spotlight, we were able to identify some areas that we could, for want of a better term, have savings, and based on the needs identified in the Ministry of Human Development, we were able to agree on investing in this equipment, which as you heard earlier from the ministry, from the minister and from Cynthia Williams, is going to be very important to the work that they need to do because at the end of the day, they need the equipment. They need the tools to do the work.” 

The equipment was handed over to the ministry during a ceremony to commemorate the efforts made so that social workers can efficiently do their work addressing gender-based violence and empowering women.