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GOB Says Investigations into Micah Goodin Situation is Still Ongoing

Last week, the Belize City Council met to discuss how the council will move forward following the shooting incident in which Deputy Mayor Micah Goodin was involved. This shooting incident resulted in shadow councilor, Tae Medina receiving a gunshot injury to his shoulder. This isn’t the first time Goodin has been involved in this sort of questionable behavior and because of this, it seems, that his fellow councilors and the mayor have had it with Goodin. They have asked him to resign from the post in two weeks. If he doesn’t, he will be removed. Today, the Chairman of the People’s United Party, Henry Charles Usher, gave an update on how the party is looking into the matter to make sure that disciplinary measures are executed to the fullest extent. 

Hon. Henry Charles Usher, Minister of Constitutional and Political Reform: “The party has a body called the Order of Distinguished Service and they deal with disciplinary measures within the party and we are looking at the entire situation, an investigation is being done to make sure that any of the parties did not operate in a way that requires further discipline so that’s a matter that when it’s completed then you can get an answer. I believe that the police did their investigation, they charged who was supposed to be charged and that matter is now complete. You can ask afterwards whether it was done properly or not. I believe the Chairman of the UDP is a senior counsel he knows what a joint enterprise is and the Commissioner of Police answered him very effectively when that matter came up. Now I find it incredible that you have persons sitting in a UDP press conference, persons who have been convicted, persons who have been charged, persons involved in all kind of allegations throwing stones – they have to be careful about the glass house that they live in.”

Also commenting on the matter was PUP Leader and Prime Minister John Briceno who says that the fighting at City Hall is detrimental to the residents of the Old Capital. 

Hon. John Briceno, Prime Minister of Belize: “These squabbling between themselves helps no one. It’s of no use to the the citizens of Belize City so I’ll be meeting with them, talking with them. You know we also have some young people in the City Council and it’s obvious that they’re full of energy and enthusiasm and sometimes they need to be able to constantly be able to be calm and to think things out. I always remember what Mr.Price used to say that “el diablo no sabe mas por ser diablo pero por ser viejo.” meaning that you need experience once you get into these positions of great responsibility that with experience then you tend to be more temper your excitement and your energy and to think things through before you take action.”