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GOB Says There is No Need for Carrot Importation

The Minister of Agriculture today responded to the leader of the opposition’s criticism of GOB issuing carrot permits. The Ministry says that no permits have been issued since last year. Minister Mai says that 

Jose Abelardo Mai, Minister of Agriculture, Food Security and Enterprise: “The Ministry of Agriculture has not issued a carrot import for more than one year now. In 2021 I think the last import permit was given for carrot and again the Leader of the Opposition does not know agriculture, does not understand agriculture, does not understand the marketing of perishable products like carrots and other vegetables. I can show him all the data, all the records of the permits issued there is no carrot permit and he needs to understand this clearly. There is no carrot permit for more than one year so he’s talking absolute nonsense.”

Mai says that the ministry has been able to significantly reduce the amount of contraband carrots finding themselves on the local market. He further explained that the government has been able to extend the carrot cultivation season.

Jose Abelardo Mai, Minister of Agriculture, Food Security and Enterprise: “Belize has moved from carrot being produced as a seasonal commodity to now being a fully year commodity. In the past you could only grow carrots in November and December when the cold fronts come in, the Ministry of Agriculture since we took office has moved carrot production from being seasonal to almost full time production. When we inherited the government we were at I think four months per year. We went last year to eight months of the year we have carrots and this year we are ten months of the year producing carrots. As a matter of fact it appears to be that this year there will be no need to import carrots at all.”