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GOB Seeks to Acquire Seven GeneXpert Machines

The Government of Belize is looking to acquire some seven GeneXpert machines which are used to conduct viral load tests for tuberculosis and Covid-19. The acquisition of these machines are coming through the support from several international organizations. The announcement came via The Morning Show where the Director of the National AIDS Commission, Enrique Romero was a guest.

Enrique Romero, Director, National AIDS Commission: “The country we are procuring GeneXpert machines and these machines are used to do viral load test for TB and they’re also used to do COVID tests. So I understand that a few months ago we only had two in the country and only one was working properly so our understanding was that for example if you’re from Orange Walk you would have to come to Belize and do the blood works or do the blood works in Orange Walk send it to Belize for processing and so forth. So with the purchasing of more GeneXpert machines we just got one through EU and one through PAHO in the next coming weeks there will be one handed over through UNDP, we are getting one under the COVID-19 response mechanism grant and we are getting three under the new Global Fund Grant so we’re getting eight GeneXpert machines added to the two that we have and the idea is that every district will have one so there will no longer be a need to draw your blood and send it by bus or by plane it could be done in you district and that’s part of the decentralization process that is part of the whole paradigm shift.”

Currently, Belize is operating with one fully functional Gene Xpert machine.