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GOB to Get Much Needed Financial Help from the Taiwanese Government

Belize is getting much need financial relief from the Taiwanese Government. Ten motions related to ten different loans from the Taiwanese were introduced yesterday. The common factor in all the Bills is the suspension of principal payments on the loans from Tawian. This, according to Prime Minister John Briceno will allow for significant financial relief for the Government and People of Belize. Opposition Leader Patrick Faber rebutted, saying that the people have yet to feel any financial relief.

John Briceno, Prime Minister of Belize: “As a result of this principal payment deferrals during the two and a half to three year loan repayment suspension period of these ten loans the Government of Belize will enjoy cash flow savings of almost seventy million dollars Belize. This means that we will not have to pay almost seventy million dollars over the next three years that we would have otherwise had to pay. This is allowing us the precious opportunity for our public finances to recover and the fiscal space to focus on education, health, citizen security and infrastructure. I ask all members of this honorable house to support the ten loan motions. Madam Speaker this motion has the recommendation of the Cabinet.”

Patrick Faber, Opposition Leader: “But in the same breath Madam Speaker that we’re doing this we receive an announcement that for the very first time in the history of this country I think that gas prices has gone over twelve dollars. So if it is we are getting this kind of reprieve, we are getting reprieve from these ten loans from Taiwan. If we are getting reprieve from the superbond why is it that it cannot translate into some relief for the Belizean people ? This Prime Minister has gone on record Madam Speaker to say that these gas prices are out of hand and should not be where it is when he was opposition leader now with the kind of developments that he is asking us to support now I would wish that he could give us some good news today in terms of the gas prices and say immediately tomorrow these gas prices will go down. And you have that authority to say that. We’re going to be here apparently Madam Speaker quite some time and I was very dismayed just now that the Prime Minister took a cheap shot to say that the three opposition members were not here when God knows about twelve, thirteen, fourteen including himself were missing from over there just now. That’s a cheap shot. We are doing the people’s business and all of us are here doing the people’s business and so if we have to stay until midnight or two o’clock, three o’clock tomorrow morning in order to get the gas prices down let’s move since you’re getting all of this reprieve. But we place on record absolutely that we support and we thank the Government and people of Taiwan for the kind of ease that they’re giving the government and the people of Belize on these ten loans Madam Speaker thank you.”