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GOB to Meet with Bus Owners to Discuss How Runs Can Be Improved

Limited school bus runs have been a matter of major concern for the Ministry of Education. There have been several reports of buses being late due to having an overwhelmingly large area to cover. In a recent incident that occurred in the Corozal District, children were left stranded on the side of the road in a secluded area, prone to crime and violence. With students slated to return to school in full force in September, there are concerns about how the operators will keep up with the runs. The Minister of State in the Ministry of Education, Dr. Louis Zabaneh, explains that the ministry will be consulting with bus owners to agree on the type of incentives that can be useful to them. 

Dr. Louis Zabaneh, Minister of State in the Ministry of Education: “As far as the kinds, the number of contracts we have, there certainly is enough supply of buses. What the situation is with buses is that, you know, they are also experiencing an increase in the cost of fuel. They are having trouble to be able to do their runs and so in fact, tomorrow, Friday, in Independence, we’re going to be meeting with all the operators in the south along with a high level team from the ministry and going through the whole process that they need to follow, for example, to get their payments. That is going to be something important for us to get feedback from them about what they’re experiencing and then we’ll be looking at the formula as well to see how we are able to provide them with a fair payment for the runs that they’re doing.”