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GOB to Revise Salary Package for the Governor General

And while there is much hope and fanfare in the installation of a new Governor-General, there are also the reports of how this appointment will be costing the Government a pretty penny. Initial reports reaching Love News are that Her Excellency Froyla Tzalam has made some demands to the government. The reports say that among those demands were the hiring of a babysitter, a personal chef and a brand new vehicle. Our newsroom did some groundwork and found that the only request made to date is for a new residence. Love News understands that the request comes after a thorough inspection was done on the Belize House in Belmopan, and it was found that there is a severe infestation of termites, and an urgent need for repairs to be carried out. It is on that backdrop, coupled with the fact that she has young children that the request for a new residence was made. We understand that a house has already been identified on Palmyra Street in Belmopan for four thousand dollars monthly. At the last House of Representatives meeting in April, Prime Minister John Briceno announced that the government would be revising the salary package for the Governor General. For context, we bring back that presentation.

John Briceno, Prime Minister of Belize: “Madam Speaker as I have been in communication with the Governor General and I’ve said it before when it came to my attention as to the remuneration of the Governor General of Belize I think that we have been doing a disservice to our Governor General and it was even worse with the first Governor General in the way that she was treated. I will be coming to the House in the next House meeting and I’ll be making some amendments to the Governor General’s Act to deal with the remuneration ensuring that the Governor General has access to health insurance, to improve it’s salary a little bit more despite the challenges that we have presently and we will do this retroactively so that the present Governor General will have a little bit better of a pension that he will get as opposed to what he would get under the present act that covers his salary. When I bring that Madam Speaker I’m asking everyone in this house on both sides of the House to support what the proposals that will be in effect to give that respect that this high office merits.”

Information to Love News is that a revised compensation package is yet to be finalized and approved by Cabinet.