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GOB vs Sharon Pitts case goes to mediation

Solicitor General, Nigel Hawke, also updated the media with regards to Government’s case against attorney Sharon Pitts. According to Hawke, both parties have been ordered to go to mediation. The Government is after four hundred thousand dollars which Pitts received through an alleged illegitimate land compensation transaction. Documents show that Pitts and Andre Vega had acquired parcels of land at two thousand five hundred dollars then later flipped it for four hundred thousand dollars which the Government of Belize paid out.   In 2016 Government issued a release saying that they were demanding that Vega and Pitts return the monies or face court action. The matter is before the court and Hawke shared the update.

Nigel Hawke, Solicitor General

“The Attorney General against Sharon Pitts that matter came up before the courts yesterday for case management before her ladyship Madam Justice Arana and I think what Mr. Hubert Elrington senior council appears for the defendant in that matter, what they indicated that there is a provision in the agreement that requires some level of conflict resolution and the proposal is for the matter to go to mediation so we are going to try to mediate so see if we could arrive at amicable resolution in that matter. Remember we as the government we are trying to recoup the monies that would have been paid and in the mediation process we have to give it a fair chance I don’t want to preempt anything but the idea of going to mediation as a party is saying we are willing to sit and try to see if we can arrive at a settlement so the hope is and I don’t think it’s as you put it, a knock on anyone if you are able to settle a matter without going to a Judication, as it were if we are supposed to arrive at a settlement the tax payers will still be at least recompense depending on what we arrive on that in figures in terms of a settlement.”

Both parties have up to 45 days to choose a mediator.