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GOB’s Recent Ministerial Swap Included CEOs Says Minister Usher

Government ministers who were recently assigned new portfolios have spent the past few days familiarizing themselves with staff and existing policies. With the ministers come Chief Executive Officers who are usually recommended by the ministers themselves. Public Service Minister, Henry Charles gave an update on the CEO appointments.

Herny Charles Usher, Minister of Public Service: “It’s a decision that the Prime Minister takes after consultation with the ministers. In this particular case CEO Urbina will be moving towards the Ministry of Utilities and  E- Government along with Minister Shebat. CEO Marconi Leal will be staying with minister Rodwell in his new ministry which includes transport which was there before and the new ministry of Youth and Sports and we’ll need to find a CEO for the Ministry of Health.” 

Reporter: Any considerations for that as yet? 

Herny Charles Usher, Minister of Public Service:  There are a couple people that are being interviewed, I don’t want to give the names yet but there are a couple people that the Prime Minister is interviewing to be CEO in that particular ministry. As you know we were hoping that CEO Dr. Lesbia Guerra would have taken on the position but she decided not to, it was her decision to make and so we just need to make sure we find somebody that can work along with in the Ministry of Health along with their team that is advising the cabinet on this COVID issue.” 

Reporter: Is she still declining despite the reshuffle? 

Herny Charles Usher, Minister of Public Service: I haven’t had any conversations with her since Monday so I assume that she is. She made a decision, a personal decision not to take it up.