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GOB’s Salary Cut Takes Effect on Public Officers

On May twenty-eight, the House of Representatives passed the Public Sector Emoluments and Allowances Reduction Bill, 2021. A week later on June four, it passed the Senate. Ten days after, the effects of that legislation came into effect. While the cuts were expected for some time now, social media comments were swift when reality set in. It comes after negotiations between the trade unions and the Government ending in a stalemate after Prime Minister John Briceno made an offer to the unions on May thirteen. The unions continued their strike action up until June one when teachers went back to their classrooms to complete the school year. However, you will remember that the unions were not happy when Prime Minister Briceno presented his final offer in an address to the nation prior to meeting with the unions. What’s also coming to public officers is those who did not show up for work on the days they were on strike. A circular from the CEO in the Ministry of Public Service, Rolando Zetina, dated May thirty-one, says that CEOs and heads of departments are required begin deducting salaries and wages of public officers for those strike days. The memo adds quote “the deduction is applicable for any days on strike after May fourteen, 2021” End quote. CEOs and department heads had to submit the public officers’ names, their post with the ministry, and the dates which officers did not report to work. This was to be done by this past Friday.