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GOB’s Subsidized Payments to the KHMH Delayed Says Hospital Chairman

As the KHMH continues its efforts in accommodating patients inside the Covid-19 Unit, the hospital is racking up bills as they procure protective gears, oxygen and other treatments. Dr Sosa explained to the media this afternoon that the facility is being subsidized by the Government of Belize but payments have been delayed.

Dr. Andre Sosa, Chairman, KHMH: “Well I can’t speak for the Ministry of Finance. What I will say though is that the KHMH uses the subvention to essentially pay salaries and that at this point is like 90-95% of the $2.4 million dollars that come to us every month. We have spent over a million dollars probably close to $2 million dollars now in preparing the COVID unit, in supplying it with the different medications, protective gear and so on and it is true to say that we have gotten reimbursement¬†of some of that expenditure. However we are still owed about five hundred thousand dollars for those expenditures that we have incurred. We are hoping that at some point we will be able to get back those monies because not having access to those funds means that we are unable to do some of the other work that is necessary and it also places us in a different position with regards to being able to fulfill our obligations¬†to the people we owe.”

Additionally, the KHMH finds itself in a financial strain as patients often times leave the hospital without paying their bills. According to Dr Sosa there is a strategy currently being explored to increase its collections.