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Godwin Hulse likely has a solid case against COI

Shoman ruled that while there is no doubt that Barrow’s natural justice rights and constitutional rights were denied, the entire report will not be squashed as requested by Barrow. The court also ordered that the findings of the report that tend to prejudice Barrow shall be expunged in their entirety from the report.

Another person’s name mentioned in the Commission of Inquiry Report is former Agriculture Minister Godwin Hulse. We asked the former Prime Minister, Dean Barrow today whether Hulse can also make a similar case before the court. Barrow, who’s also a Senior Counsel, said that the former Minister has a good shot before a judge.

Dean Barrow, Former Prime Minister of Belize: “I gather he has filed a suit and I think that, indeed, given the precedent that’s been set as a consequence of Justice Shoman’s decisions, I think he’s on a good wicket. Now, his circumstances are a little different. He was never summoned by the Commission but, what and what they said about him, in my view, is not nearly as bad as what they said about Patt and what they said about me but, that he will succeed, I feel, is not in any real doubt. The damages that he is likely to receive would not be anywhere near to the sort of quantum that’s been given to both myself and to Hugo Patt.”