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Goff’s Caye Infrastructure Works Project Launched

A ground-breaking ceremony for the Goff’s Caye Infrastructure Works Project was held on Wednesday. Financial support for the project is being provided under the Climate Vulnerability Reduction Program through a loan from the Inter-American Development Bank. Minister of Blue Economy and Civil Aviation Andre Perez says that the infrastructure works and other upgrades will improve the visitor experience for both local and foreign visitors, and will contribute significantly to the long-term sustainability of the island for present and future generations.

Jose Divas, Project Manager, CRVP: “We intend to install a new pier, a palapa, sleeping quarters, bathroom facilities all being eco friendly, sustainable. So by sustainable I mean that it’s going to harness its own water, produce its own electricity to function and this is done in conjunction with the Coastal Zone Management who had to sign an agreement so that we could then enter this area because this is under the Coastal Zone Management Authority and institute management which is of course the Ministry of Blue Economy and Civil Aviation

Jonelle Hemmans, Investor Officer, Ministry of Tourism: “Having supporting infrastructure in place like we are doing right now that is accessible and convenient are key for economic promotion and investment in the country. A destination with an abundance of core resources that lacks the adequate supporting resources and infrastructure will find it very difficult to develop the tourism industry. So careful planning like we see today in management due to Coastal Zone is required to balance our tourism growth and also to develop our infrastructure and our tourism product offering.” 

Andre Perez, Minister of Blue Economy and Civil Aviation: “Goffs Caye is one of the primary marine destinations for the cruise ship tourism sector. In fact it is ranked among the top five destinations due to its accessibility to mainland Belize City and the fact that it offers a unique mix of prime beaches, swimming areas and healthy reefs. There is no question that this little island contributes significant economic returns to the tourism sector and our Blue economy.”