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Going Green!

An eco-expo held today gabe many entrepreneurs the chance to show off various alternatives to plastic based products as well as sustainable energy methods.  The expo was hosted by McNab Visual Strategies and sought to inform various consumers on the importance and availability eco-friendly products. Creative Director of McNab Visual Strategies, Tanya McNab, told us more about the event held today.

Director of McNab Visuals

Tanya McNab, Director of McNab Visuals: “The expo is a culmination of likeminded individuals who are starting businesses, who are venturing into eco friendly operations and providing alternative solutions for Belizeans and Belizean businesses to be able to operate more sustainably and so in addition to exhibitors we have a wide range of solutions from solar, solar system, water systems, we have alternatives to food packaging, alternatives to plastic straws, we have hair products, beauty products, cleaning products and so we even have for those who are looking to build their businesses we have financing from the DFC who are also helping to build and support businesses in the green space. So alongside we have all our organizations, Oceana, Audubon, Wildlife Society, Clear Wate Aquarium and so it’s just a big mix of everybody who has all the same goals as it relates to operating more sustainably in Belize. I think that Belize is not particularly operating irresponsibly on purpose I think it’s just a matter of the way times have changed and the influx of plastic over the years but I think as soon as they become aware and that’s what events like these are for to know that there are alternatives on the market, I think that we are going to see a significant shift quite quickly and I can definitely say from the response we got from this expo not only the exhibitors but also the attendees that have been passing through here over the last five hours they have all taken away substantial information.”
As many companies were eager to show their products some told us why it is important to switch to eco-friendly products for the betterment of Belize
Member Service Manager, Belize Audubon Society

Carolee Chanona, Member Service Manager, Belize Audubon Society: “We are here as Belize Audubon Society promoting a plastic-free Belize so celebrating 50 years in 2019 this is a huge milestone for us and we started as advocates and this is a national issue that Belize needs to tackle and we wanted to be a part of that campaign. So we’re here promoting some of the eco alternatives to plastic and the negative impacts that plastic can have to us and the communities. We are promotion our green bag, this is the second edition of a reusable bag that we’ve introduced to Belizeans and it’s really just to start small. So if anything we want people to understand that change starts with you and me; small changes add up to a big difference so don’t wait for the phase-out, don’t wait for something negative to happen start now with what you can and do what you can with what you have.”
Carlo Marin, Food and Beverage Manager, Madisco

Carlo Marin, Food and Beverage Manager, Madisco:We have some products that are featured here that are clear plastic, they are made from 100% plant-based sugar biopolymers; they have the look and feel of plastics but within 90-120 days they disintegrate, they are fully biodegradable. We have to, as individual consumers, we should when we go shopping we should take our reusable bags, we should ask for paper bags or just ask wherever we are shopping we don’t want the foam trays. As companies, we are doing our part but as individual consumers that is where it actually starts, a mindset change that we need to implement throughout the country.”
Many of the booths at the expo all had one say and that is that Belize needs to start going green.