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Gomez’ Death Still Under Investigation

Last week we reported on the death of Salvadoran national Oscar Gomez. He had been stabbed to death.  The witness that was in the room at the time of the incident told police that Gomez took his own life. Police has not yet ruled out murder. They are looking at the case very closely.  Assistant Commissioner of Police Edward Broaster updated the media on the investigation.


“As it pertains to the stabbing death of Mr.Gomez we are still doing some investigation as a matter of fact we are awaiting the post mortem. We did mock scene where we had the witness reenact to us what actually transpired and we are still leaving it open due to the wounds that Mr.Gomez received. We want to satisfy to ourselves that what is being told to us is actually what occurred hence the reason why we are continuing to do more investigation. We have spoken to one family member, we want to speak to more family members as well and we know that he is from El Salvador and after the post mortem is conducted then we will look at where we will go from the purported suicide.”