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Good Living on Coconuts

While we stick to healthy options, instead of sugar fizzed drinks, you can go natural with regular water. We spoke to another small scale businesswoman who gets up at dawn every day in Orange Walk and travels to Belize City to sell coconut water. Mayra Arfona says the business supports her family of three.

Mayra Arfona Enterenpuer: “Well, I have a new companion, him and I do it together right now. He goes and gets the coconuts, we share the work, he gets the coconut and I sell it right. Sometimes he gets it from Pine Ridge, San Felipe, San Estevan, Honey Camp, Little Belize, Chapiar, Fabon. Every day I get up at five o’clock, 5 o’clock and I start fixing up everything that I have to bring: I clean up my cooler, get ready my strainer and the thing that I put the water in I get it packed up. Sometimes I cut up coconuts at home,  pack up water in bottles and then I bring it ready in the cooler because from when I reach my people already start to buy. My new companion helps me right, we do that every day, Monday to Saturday. City Council stopped me, well they stop everybody because a lot of people move on the highway so I came to Coney Drive and I sell coconut right here then I come to this side. It is not doing bad, it is doing good and it is selling good.”

Arfona says sometimes they go all the way to the Corozal District to get coconuts. You can find the businesswoman at the corner of Coney Drive and Blue Marlin Avenue in Belize City. The coconut meat is also for sale.

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