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Goodin says more police patrols are needed to keep students safe

Councilor Micah Goodin recently wrote the Commissioner of Police requesting that more patrols be conducted in areas where schools are located. With the reopening of schools, Goodin says bandits are looking to target students and the extra patrols will assist in keeping students safe. However, Goodin’s request comes on the heels of the Commissioner of Police calling on the Police Department to cut back on fuel.  Goodin says that he is willing to work with the department to fight crime.
Micah Goodin, Councilor, Belize City Council: “Time and time again our young people, especially those going either to or from school have come under attack from robbers and bullies and so I wanted to have more police present given that there is a discrepancy in terms of police traveling the area, traversing the area and ensuring that our young people are safe. So I wrote the Commissioner of Police with the intent that we could have our young people safe and secure while they journey to school. It’s already a burden for them to come up with the school fees to go to school and so at least we would want them know that they are safe when they are going to school especially those students who have to go to night classes.. We were also asking the commissioner how we could maybe make the bus stops more safer because these bus stops have become hotspots. Many of our students if you talk to them they would recount that they were attacked while they were waiting for the bus and so that is something that I hope the Commissioner of Police can address. That is the hope that the Commissioner would intervene and ensure that more patrols would be deployed to these areas especially during school hours. I know that the department is looking to cut back at fuel but if they do that then I believe we would see a spike in crimes especially in property crimes and I believe that our students are very vulnerable and so we have to do everything in our power to protect them.”
Goodin added that students who attend night classes are especially at risk.