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Goverment Loses Another Vehicle to Theft

A government vehicle was stolen last week in San Ignacio town. The report was made by fifty one year old Francisco Quiroz a Station manager at the Research Development and Enovation Center in Central Farm. The vehicle is assigned to the Ministry of Agriculture but interestingly, the vehicle was not stolen from the Ministry’s compound. The vehicle was parked in front of Quiroz’s resident after hours. Quiroz told police that he parked the green 2003 Toyota Hilux pickup on Far West Street, the street exactly in front of his house on Thursday at around 5:30pm. He also told police that at nine o’clock on that same night; he left his house in his private vehicle to his business place near the San Ignacio Market. It was not until 1:45 am on the following day that his wife notified him that the government vehicle was missing. The vehicle has not been recovered. Earlier this year, Financial Secretary Joseph Waight, issued a memo to all CEO of all Ministries indicating that quote,   “All vehicles, except those authorized for twenty-four hours use, should be garaged at the end of each day, on weekends and on public and bank holidays at a secure designated location.