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Government crafting cyber bullying legislation

In addition to the student, a teacher in Orange Walk was also asked by her administration to leave the school after intimate images of her were also publicized on social media that is also in addition to several other cases in the past few months. That is why there has been several calls by members of the bar and the public calling not only for justice but specifically for legislation that addresses crimes against people using technology as a weapon of choice. Attorney General says that the Government has been crafting cyber bullying legislation.   

Attorney General: “We have been working on it for quite some time. We have been working on it to ensure that we not only capture when it happens or capture when these videos especially with minors are putting to the public or even email. We have to make sure that we are able to tie it to a particular individual. Many times when people get caught electronically they claim that they were hacked, they claimed that someone stole their computer but we also have to make sure that the investigation is air tight so that when we charge someone they don’t just get off because of a technicality in the real sense so we are working on it. We are fine tuning it, we are focused mainly on the ones involving minors because then if a child is underage she is not legally allowed to have sex then that is extremely troubling for us and we want to address that. In terms of adults or consenting adults who may even be willing to participate or accept videos of them engaging in that activity. If they don’t consent for it to be released then we also have too look Investigation but we are also working with the Ministry of Human Development, The Special Envoy for Women and Children, the BPP and CITO because we need to develop a computer and internet cyber world policy to determine how we track these people? How do we find them? How do we prosecute them and do we get convictions for those people who have broke then law. We don’t want that to happen to us. We don’t want that to have a law just to have a law and then it is weak and then perpetrators walks free and then you hear the judicial system is corrupt. We want to make sure that whatever laws if we have in place, if a person is guilty they are going to jail.”