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Government Educates Students on ICJ

While the opposition is yet to give their stance on the issue of going to the International Court of Justice, the Government of Belize continues to make its rounds to various secondary and tertiary institutions to educate the student population on the history of the territorial matter as well as the logic behind their position of going to the ICJ.  Minister Wilfred Elrington has been part and parcel of these educational sessions for the most part and with that we asked him to speak on the reception of the students so far.


“We continue as a matter of fact as I leave you here now I’m going straight to Sacred Heart College in Cayo where I’m going to continue to educate the students and the faculty there as to the situation and bring them up to speed on the matter.”


“Do you find that the students at the various institutions are receptive?”


“Very receptive, I have not come across a group that has not been receptive. I was most impressed I went to Wesley College Sixth Form about a month ago, the room was packed to capacity and I was most impressed with the attention they paid, the questions they asked and the enthusiasm; as a matter of fact we never make a presentation without being applauded at the end of the day. People understand it and they will come and want to ask further questions. Once they get the information the problem has always been that notwithstanding the fact that this has been around for years our country has never really embarked on an education campaign so that most Belizeans don’t really know the details even those who are highly certified with PhDs people who are lawyers, doctors, judges, many of them don’t know because you can be a specialist in one field but know nothing of something else and we have not taught our people the history of this matter you see. So when it is told to them and they see how easy and simple and clear it is they understand very readily the imperative for us to go to the ICJ and get it resolved there.”

The Referendum team has gone to Galen University, Wesley College, Sacred Heart College and the University of Belize among other institutions.