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Government isn’t using US funds for “Yes” to ICJ campaign

The Belize Territorial Volunteers(BTV), led by Wil Maheia had sent a complaint letter to U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, leading senators and the Congressional Black Caucus, claiming that half a million dollars sent to Belize was being misused by the Government. The funds, according to the BTV, are being used to finance a biased “Yes” campaign to forward Guatemala’s unfounded claim to the International Court of Justice (ICJ). The CEO for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs says that’s not true and the Government position is QUOTE “We are not supporting a yes vote as yet.” UNQUOTE.

Pat Andrews:  The funds the US gave to the Public Awareness campaign were channeled through UNDP so Public Awareness campaign was Foreign affairs. We will not be receiving any of those funds, they will be channeled through UNDP and they will in turn be using it for various parts; some of which might come through to the Public Awareness campaign; a part of it but nothing direct.

Jose Sanchez: Is any of that funds going towards the government which has always been the governor’s position. Yes that has been under the PUP administration, it’s underneath the UDP administration. They have funding specifically that and yes?

Pat Andrews:  Well to be very direct the position that the government is taking is that presently we are not supporting a yes vote as yet. We are providing information; the Public awareness is based all on information  and being able to prepare the Belizean public for the step of moving towards a referendum and going to go to an ICJ so that is what we are doing to try to educate the people.

Jose Sanchez: Forgive me if I was misinformed but I was of the belief the measure of Foreign Affairs was promoted. It’s called a “yes campaign” or  “yes to the ICJ”.

Pat Andrews: No.

Jose Sanchez: You are not aware of that?

Pat Andrews: No; Information is building up; there may be a point in time later on when a phase three at the public awareness campaign. We will be moving into that direction but so far not yet.