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Government Looking Closely at Port of Belize Limited

And on the topic of the Port of Belize Limited- it remains in receivership. Deputy Prime Minister Cordel Hyde says that the situation at the Port is on the government’s radar. 

Cordel Hyde, Minister of Natural Resources, Petroleum & Mining: “I would say that we have looked at the Port, not in enough detail but, we’ve had much discussion about what’s going on there. I don’t think anybody in the Government is happy with what’s going on at the port and I think going forward we have to look critically at that. Politicians get caught up in a lot of issues over time on both sides because you see right now where the UDP is singing for Waterloo. The UDP is nakedly singing for Waterloo. You would think that in this age in 2022 you would not have that kind of open naked singing but that’s what’s happening. Right? So you’re right. It goes across party lines but I’m an optimistic person and I feel like we are closer to the point where we will act as an independent sovereign nation than we were a few years ago. Increasingly, our members on the Government side are beginning to understand that ultimately it’s the people we serve. They are the ones we should look out for all the time. Whenever there are problem situations, whenever there’s conflict, whenever there’s conundrum, it’s a simple formula for me. What’s going to benefit the people? What’s going to benefit the vast majority of the people? If it’s only going to benefit one person it’s an easy question for me. If it’s going to benefit the majority that’s much easier for me.”