Government of Belize Launches Climate Resilient Agriculture Project

Government of Belize Launches Climate Resilient Agriculture Project

The Government of Belize is working with local farmers to strengthen the Agricultural Industry’s resiliency to climate change. Through funding from the World Bank, the Climate Resilient and Sustainable Agriculture Project (CRESAP) was launched with the goal of improving productivity and resiliency to climate change in the sector. The farmers will be provided with funding to adapt new agricultural strategies through various grant opportunities. Minister of Agriculture and Food Security, Jose Abelardo Mai, explained that sugar cane farmers are among the beneficiaries who were selected to be a part of the fifty-million-dollar project.

Jose Abelardo Mai, Minister of Agriculture: “This is a $25 million US dollar loan that we did of which a big part of it will be grants to the farmers especially in the northern region and the central region Cayo, Belize, Orange Walk, Corozal but we are looking at resilient agriculture practices. What can we do differently that will reduce the vulnerability of our production to climate change ? How can we plant in a way that even if hurricane hits we don’t get affected badly, or what can we do to mitigate the effects of drought for example what can we do. And so it’s a very interesting projet we’re about to start now. We already employed the managing director, we are employing the rest of the staff and we’re supposed to begin in the very next few months.”

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