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Government of Belize Will Not Appeal the Amendment to Section 53

Prime Minister Dean Barrow has announced that the Government of Belize will not be appealing the decision of the Chief Justice, Kenneth Benjamin as it relates to Section 53 of the Constitution.  Chief Justice Benjamin rendered his decision on Wednesday, August 10 declaring Section 53 unconstitutional as it finds it criminal for consenting adults to engage in sodomy or anal intercourse.  The public court of opinions has seen many opposing the ruling while others embracing it.  To get a sense of the ruling, Attorney General Vanessa Retreage opened the press conference hosted this afternoon by the Government of Belize at the Belize Biltmore Plaza Hotel.


With the announcement that the Government will not seek to appeal, Prime Minister explained how they came about this decision.


As it relates to an appeal of the judgement, Attorney General Retreage indicated that the churches do have way for an appeal.


Today’s press conference saw the presence of several private citizens in attendance as well as members of the religious community.