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Government to proceed with its plans to build forward operating base

So what does the Prime Minister thinks about COLA and their “Build the Base now” campaign? As we have been reporting, the Citizens Organized for Liberty through Action has taken up the duty of pressuring the Government of Belize to build the Forward Operating Base as soon as possible. Prime Minister Dean Barrow dismissed COLA’s efforts saying that the Government will proceed with its own plans.

Prime Minister Dean Barrow

I don’t want to be rude, I don’t want to be mean all I will say is that COLA has every right to do what it’s doing, they are supposed to be some sort of a pressure group and one of their objectives is to try to ensure that there is transparency in public affairs, I would really want to know who is funding them but it doesn’t really matter. I wish them well in their continued advocacy. Government of course will simply continue with its agenda and with its timing convinced that it is right, government that is, with respect to that agenda and the timing.”