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Government unable to address Guatemala issue, says PUP Leader

Last week a video surfaced showing three Guatemalan soldiers casually walking into Belize’s Western Border Office. As we reported on Thursday, the video shows three men, one of which appears to be a Kaibil, known for their specialized training in Guatemala’s armed forces. The video is cause for alarm as it shows that Guatemala’s military men can easily walk into Belize’s territory and in the Western Border Office. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs is aware of the matter and a report is being compiled. Love News asked Leader of the Opposition, John Briceno, for a comment on the matter.


“Well, t is something that we have condemned and that we believe that the Government is unable to address these issues. We have been calling out the government’s attention for the past two years, that they have not been aggressive enough in internationalizing what is really taking place on the ground, that we are losing the PR war or battle with Guatemala. Guatemala is going around trying to paint the case that they are good neighbors when really they are not good neighbors. We have offered to work with the government. We’ve always said over and over that when it comes to the sovereignty of Belize we do not play politics. We are still prepared to work with the government to address this matter.”