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Government Vehicle Stolen from Capital City

Police in Belmopan are looking into three separate incidents of motor vehicle theft in that municipality.  The first occurred between the hours of 7pm on Saturday, December 12 and 1:30pm on Sunday, December 13.  Stolen was a red Meilun motorcycle valued at three thousand six hundred dollars.  The motorcycle was parked on the veranda of a home on Mamie Apple Street in Belmopan and is the property of 51-year-old, Dean Flowers, a Belizean businessman.  In the second incident, a red SKY-GO SG125 motorcycle was taken from a house in the Picinni Area in Belmopan.  According to 36-year-old, Carlton Petillo, an employee of Santander, he had parked the bike at a friend’s house at about 8:30am yesterday to do a quick errand and left the key in the ignition, leaving the motorbike unattended.  Upon going back outside about fifteen minutes later, he found that the bike was missing.  Meanwhile, in the third incident, the Registrar for the Department of Cooperatives, 47-year-old, Gareth Murillo has reported to the authorities that his white 2015 D-Max double cab pickup truck was stolen between 9:20am and 11:50am on Monday, December 14.  The pickup truck which is the property of the Government of Belize was reportedly parked on the compound of the Magistrate’s Court at Independence Plaza in Belmopan when it went missing.  The vehicle is valued at sixty one thousand dollars.