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Government will address $90 million debt in the New Year

Deputy Prime Minister Patrick Faber confirmed to the media that the government intends to introduce an appropriation bill with regards to the $90.6 million UHS debt owing to the Belize Bank Limited. A few weeks ago the Caribbean Court of Justice ruled that GOB must pay the debt to Belize Bank using the Consolidated Revenue Fund. According to Faber, while the bill will be introduced it does not mean that it will go through all its stages.

Patrick Faber, Deputy Prime Minister

“I believe the Prime Minister indicated at the last meeting that he would be waiting for the twenty-one days to expire for him to bring the motion to the house and it is intended that that motion will be brought at the House meeting on January 5th. However I think it is the intention of the Prime Minister to introduce the motion and then nothing really says that he has to push it through all the readings in one sitting and I believe it is the intention for him to just introduce it and then at a subsequent meeting the debate on the merits or demerits of it will actually be made and then the voting will take place.”