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Government’s Move Is to Now Give Life to the Court Ruling on Section 53

The LBTQI community won a major victory yesterday as the Chief Justice ruled to amend section 53 of the constitution to exclude consenting sex between adults in private. Now the community is expectant of the government’s response to the ruling, which according to executive Director of UNIBAM, Caleb Orozco, will substantiate the ruling.



“If the Prime Minister himself said that the state will not shirk its responsibility in his September 2013 speech I believe it’s time for him to express the substance of that speech in how the state responds to the government’s approach to this case at the next level of the judiciary. I also believe that the government supported the gender policy and the ideals of ensuring that all citizens issues are addressed and their primary focus is the development of its citizens and in that regard it’s now in the government’s hand to then respond in a constructive and responsible way that gives life to the ideals of the judgment that I have been given today. If the Prime Minister and the Cabinet which has supported its gender policy and the Prime Minister in particular was serious about the state no shirking its responsibility that it would not seek to appeal this judgment and that it would open itself up to understand better the issues that affect its LGBT citizens in very constructive and responsible way.  I would just like to make a statement that was sent to us by Ms. Simplis Barrow who is the Special Envoy for Women and Children where she said it was a great day for Belize,a  great day for human rights, one step closer to dignity and the respect we all deserve.”