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Governor General to speak at University lecture

Students from the University of Belize are being invited to be a part of the second annual Sylvanna Udz lecture series. Love News spoke with lecturer in the Faculty of Education and Arts, Ivory Kelly.

Ivory Kelly – Lecturer, Faculty of Education and Arts

“We are getting ready for our 2nd annual Silvana Udz Lecture which was established last year and named in honor of Dr. Silvana Udz in recognition of her outstanding work in education and culture in Belize. This year’s Guest Lecturer is Sir. Colville Young who we all know was an educator and is very prolific in the literary circles in Belize and beyond and so he is preparing to offer a lecture that he has title “Shakespeare’s Tragedies: What is all the fuss about?” I suppose a thesis in support of including and continuing to promote Shakespeare in the classroom and so we are very much looking forward to hosting Sir Colville. It’s kind of a welcome home for him also because he was the first president of University College of Belize, the precursor of our national university and so we are looking forward to reintroducing him not only as governor general but as the educator and scholar that he is as well. The lecture takes place tomorrow at the Jaguar auditorium from 10am -12pm and students especially the faculty of educational arts will be in attendance and other students as well.”

The lecture takes place tomorrow morning beginning at ten o’clock.