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Governor General visits troop at BDF Volunteer Camp

Paul Mahung reporting…
“The visit facilitated by Commanding Officer of the BDF Volunteer Battalion Lt. Ellison Ogaldez.”

Lt. Ellison Ogaldez – Commanding Officer, BDF Volunteer Battalion
“In the beginning of the tour he met officers and men of the battalion and inspected a guard of honor by Women Belize Defense Force Volunteer Battalion led by Lt.Arzu. He was then invited to a brief in which we expressed to him our aim for 2017 which is to teach, revise and reinforce topics like leadership, discipline, tactics and physical fitness of all personnel. After the brief, the Governor General was then invited to observe officers and men in training. We then had lunch and during lunch we had an element of the Belize Defense Force Band playing beautiful Belizean music while we lunched. Your Excellency the Governor General of Belize expressed appreciation for visiting the battalion for this annual camp and looks forward to visiting us again next year.”

During the visit, His Excellency Sir. Colville Young was accompanied by BDF Deputy Commander Col.Steven Ortega, CO One Battalion Lt. Col Anthony Velasquez, action CEO BDF Volunteer Battalion Cpt. Victor Briceno and other senior officers of the BDF Volunteer Battalion.