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Gov’t Seeks Funding for More Infrastructural Works

We have heard from the CEO for the Ministry of Works, Errol Gentle of the works currently ongoing as well as those that will be coming on stream in the near future.  CEO Gentle says, however, that their works are not limited to just these as they are constantly looking at other infrastructural works needed.  One of those projects that is being explored is the replacement of the Baking Pot Ferry with a bridge as well as the roads nearby.


“The Government of Belize is also looking at and we are discussing with some of the funding agencies the paving of the Baking pot road and the replacing of that ferry. I think it is something that has long been needed and required especially, the farmers from across the river, they are asking for something like this. Every time it floods we have the Iguana Creek bridge which is a low lying bridge, the ferry comes out of commission and so you don’t have access and sometimes these communities are cut off.  So once we get this project under way this will help us with not only the moving of people but if you know that area there is a lot of farming being done in there, the Mennonites export a lot of stuff but also the local farmers who every Saturday are out in San Ignacio and they produce all the vegetables for local consumption.”

Discussions are also taking place on improvements to the Caracol Road as well as the Coastal Road.


“The paving of the Caracol Road, discussions are ongoing right now with funding agencies and we should be starting some studies to look at the Caracol Road. We’re also looking at the paving, or discussing the possibility of paving the Coastal Road. Everybody has been asking about this Coastal Road so we are in discussion right now and that is why I call them pipeline projects. We are in discussions and we are hoping to be able to get funding to pave the Coastal Road and these projects as I mentioned, discussions are going on but within the next six to eight months we should be having the studies underway. After the studies and we get the design and all that and we put that out to tender so we will say that maybe in the next two years you’ll actually see the work starting on the ground.”