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Grace Primary hosts Math Fair

The Primary School Examination (PSE) reflects the struggle students continue to have with mathematics.  For example, half of the students who sat the PSE exam this year scored an E on the math portion of it.  The Ministry of Education and schools continue to seek ways to help students better perform at mathematics.  Today, Grace Primary School held a math fair at St. John’s Gymnasium.  Love news stopped by and spoke with Brenda Hyde, the Vice Principal of Grace Primary School, who said the initiative was held in order to help children get a better appreciation for mathematics in order to thrive at it.

Brenda Hyde: “Math is one of the areas that give children problem so we decided to do a math fair so the teachers along with the students they come up with games and activities where the children can play and just have fun doing Math..  So if you see inside, everybody is all excited and we have students here from our school that go to St. John’s College here and they decided to offer us the compound so that we can have the Math Fair and we invited students from other schools so they too can come in and enjoy some of the fun so we are excited. Like I said if you notice the children are all excited doing the games so that they can win treats and you know at the end of the day we hope the children will have a love for Math and when they attack different problems through the games they will develop skills so they can perform in the classroom.

Other schools were also invited to the math fair.