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GREAT reached 54 youths through summer programme

Gang Resistance Education and Training (GREAT) program concluded its summer programme today at the Yarborough Community Center.  The GREAT programme partnered with the Youth and Community Transformation Project to deliver its summer programme.  Inspector Elroy Carcamo, GREAT Focal Point, told Love News that the summer program had the participation of over fifty children.

Inspector Elroy Carcamo G.R.E.A.T Focal Point: This year was unique year because we had more involvement with the youths itself that are participating. They are the ones that sat down with us and decide what we would like to see for our certain program and worked it out that way. Whilst we did meet the objective which is too look at leadership skills, build relationships, friendship amongst each other and show them one of the things we were looking at this year was bullying . If you notice earlier; their presentation. They spoke much about bullying and what to do to try to stop bullying within the area within our country on a whole. The summer program is very dynamic. It is from 9am in the morning until 3 and it consist of lectures within the morning time and in the afternoon time we have the group separate with sports that deals with behavioral problems and we also have expressive arts that is done.

The summer programme lasted for three weeks. The children received certificates as well as back to school items for their participation.