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Green Globe promoting the environment

The Green Globe is an initiative of the environmental community and the Belize Film Festival in an effort to spread awareness of the importance of preserving the environment they have taken on a new campaign. A number of activities has already been held including a film festival for schools and a panel discussion. Presently, a block party is being held at Battlefield Park where films that are based on the environment are being viewed. Earlier today, Love news stopped by and spoke with Nadia Bood, the Country Representative for World Wildlife Fund (WWF).

Nadia Bood – Country Representative for World Wildlife Fund: So we see this block party in particular to be education, we call it education for the family, parents, kids so they can come out and view the booths, they can come out and see films, we will have a number of films being shown later on tonight that has been nominated or provided by the conservation community and then we will have the information booths of course and the music but it’s an opportunity for the Belizean public to come out and see the great work that are currently underway with our country. Definitely we have films that are focused on the Marine Reserves, the Barrier Reef, of course we want to celebrate a gain that Belize’s barrier reef was taken off the endangered list this year, so there are films that look at that, there are films that look at the energy and resources that goes into managing some of the key Marine protected areas like Turneffe Atoll for example.”

This is a first time initiative between the environmental community and the film festival.