Grieving Parents Devastated as Deceased Infant Mistakenly Cremated at Hospital

Grieving Parents Devastated as Deceased Infant Mistakenly Cremated at Hospital

Tonight, two parents are devastated after their recently deceased infant was mistakenly cremated.  The infant boy died at the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital on Saturday, due to circumstances the parents are questioning, and today his body was accidentally cremated. The grieving parents are still not certain how the tragedy unfolded and say the hospital’s staff are not being cooperative. The baby, whose name was Aaron, was supposed to be laid to rest this afternoon but due to this mix-up, the burial didn’t happen. The infant’s grieving mother, Naomi Guerrero, spoke about the unfortunate ordeal and the confusion behind it.

Naomi Guerrero, Mother: “She came outside just moments ago to tell us that she is sorry, that she at no moment had no copy that the person from Coyes gave her the death certificate in her hands and they signed for the body. And Coyes Funeral Home is saying they did not bring any death certificate of my baby. And the biggest mistake was that the two babies’ names were Aaron but they had different last names. How will you lose that ? And plus the baby tag had my name on it. Doesn’t someone have to like verify the body first before they even cremate it? That’s my big question, how, if the other parents not even notice to and they say that the Coye’s Funeral Home said that the family had a service this morning with the body there and I don’t know how they didn’t recognize that’s not their baby before they’re cremated him, I don’t know.”

The baby’s father, Aaron Allen, says he was unable to comprehend how such a mistake could have been made and was outraged by the lack of response from the hospital’s management. He also stated that to make matters worse, the clerk who is believed to have made the error was rude and threaten to sue them if her name was mentioned to the media. 

Aaron Allen, Father: “How will you mistake somebody else’s child for a next child when the death certificate is there? And then they tell us that Mr. Coye came with a death certificate to receive the baby and he did not. He denied. He was here, he gave us everything the status, everything about what had happened in his behalf, you know ? So now the clerk at the morgue she still insists that they came with the paper and he’s telling us they did not come. So I asked she personally, how did you get that paper there if he never come with that paper there? And that’s the answer they won’t give us. So she didn’t want us to mention her name in the media for her mistake. You can’t be doing things like that Miss Lady. We’re already in pain, we already lost our son now for them to come and cremate the baby ? It’s worse, man. It’s harder. How will you do a mistake like that? I’m was at the graveyard this morning. I finished up the littLe tomb and stuff to get it ready because this evening, 3 o’clock was going to be at the funeral. So I get a call from Jenkins then the funeral home, the only funeral home I went to deal with and they are the only one that has a copy of the death certificate from the baby. Now I am there trying to wrap my head around things and try to finish this thing and get back and get ready. Man called me and tell me this situation happened about 11:20 when they came to dress the baby, and suit up the baby, a next funeral home already come and claim my baby and done cremate him. How that could ever happen? You know? The death certificate is there. Now, this lady, the clerk, she has two death certificate off my baby, which is the one that Jenkins left because now they already cremate my baby they can’t carry back the death certificate. You know? So we’re asking her if Mr. Coye never give you the next death certificate how did you end up with that? Because when we come, I give her a copy to make sure she could get her statement and do her whatever she has to do in her department of job. So she asked me if I wanted to some prints. So I tell her “yes”  so she print out five, she gave me the five. Well I was explaining to her she gave me back the five that she printed but she didn’t give me back the one she used to take out that five. Now she has no explanation how she end up with that. She’s denying. How will you deny something like that, that is your fault. Coye they already said they didn’t get no death certificate and I come and give you so how you deny something like that? If you stayed with the copy, just be honest, you stayed with the copy and you did wrong. You know, but then she has the heart to tell us she could file a lawsuit against we. How will you do something like that when it’s your mistake you know? What kind of thinking you have in your head, miss lady? Suppose it was one of your family members or your sister baby or your brother baby, how would you feel if somebody else came and do you the same thing? Or you even do your own family then the same thing? How you think your own family would feel about you? You can’t be messing up other people’s lives like that. We’re already grieving and we’re already in pain now now more pain on top of pain it’s hard to deal with.”

Our newsroom reached out to the KHMH’s CEO, Chandra Nisbet Cansino, who only provided a statement that reads quote “The KHMHA is deeply concerned with a situation this afternoon at our morgue. We are taking this very seriously and are currently investigating the incident with the intent to take necessary remedial action. Further investigations by our newsroom, however, indicate that it may have been a case where the funeral home submitted the wrong paper work to the morgue, and that was where the mix-up originated.  We will keep following this story.

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