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Ground Breaks for Expansion at Cayo Christian Academy

A ground breaking ceremony was held in Ontario Village this morning for a new school building that will house the Cayo Christian Academy. Correspondent Fem Cruz was there and filed the following report.


“A ground breaking ceremony was held this morning in the village of Ontario for a brand new school measuring fourteen thousand eight hundred and twenty square feet. Co-founder and manager of CCA (Cayo Christian Academy ), Pastor Ernest Tate spoke to Love News about this historic day.”


“This project has been eight years in the making, for the last eight years we have been leasing property in Camalote and in Ontario and by the Grace of God, in September/October of this year we’re hoping to move the school to its permanent location barring no unforeseen circumstances. It has been a struggle on every front but we have purpose to keep the school doors open. There have been many days, there has been many months where finances had run extremely low but we have a saying in  Christianity that God is always on time and there have been many days when didn’t know where financing would come from. I will give you one personal example; there was a month where we had no monies to pay our teachers and somebody, up to this day we do not know who that person was, deposited ten thousand dollars in our account at Atlantic Bank in Belmopan and that was able to take us through a couple months. Culminating today in what we’re seeing here is a miracle. This entire campus will host the permanent location for Cayo Christian Academy, a Shekinah Hall and Ontario Christian Community Church Samaritan Pantry House that will be distributing food to the needy. So it’s a wonderful time.”


“Jahmar Lopez, from the Ministry of Education spoke to Love News about growing the school and Frank Rimpel the contractor spoke to Love News about the work.”


“The Ministry has a mandate to increase access at all levels, the pre, primary and the secondary level and what we’ll be looking at Cayo Christian Academy is to see how well we are able to work closely with the institution to ensure that there is a growth in the population and to see what sort of assistance we are able to provide to students. Currently the school is a privately funded institution, the ministry currently has an assistance program through the subsidy but we will be exploring other avenues to see how we are able to provide support to the school so that we can have more students attending this school and we can provide the service for students within this community.”


“It is an opportunity for me and my company to do the construction of this school compound here. Our company is Reim and Associates and it’s not just exciting to do the construction but it’s also exciting to see what change we will make in the school and has been witnessed today is the ground breaking ceremony. Construction has begun and we are planning to complete these buildings approximately through the month of August of this year.”