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Groundbreaking ceremony for Andrew Faber Sporting and Cultural Complex

After several years, the National Sports Council of Belize is closer to realizing their dream of constructing a sporting complex in the Port Loyola area. The Council has finally managed to secure the funding of a little under two hundred thousand dollars for the sporting complex with the help of the International Olympic Committee. Today, the Council held a groundbreaking ceremony for the sporting complex which will be named the Andrew Faber Sporting and Cultural Complex, after the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Sports, Patrick Faber’s brother. The sporting complex will serve both the communities of Port Loyola and Collet. Love news spoke with Ian Jones, Executive Director of the National Sports Council of Belize, who said that the facility should take fifteen to twenty weeks to be completed.

Ian Jones – Executive Director, National Sports Council of Belize:  “When I became the director I spoke with the President of the Olympic committee Mr.Healy Martinez who made me aware of certain funds we can top into our olympic solidarity fund to construct just a facility like this. It’s a facility that once it’s in a socially economic area, in a poor area I should say, its close to a school or something that could serve the wider community. On top of upgrading the sale we also put in bleachers, concession stands to serve the school as well as security booth and performing arts stage so it will not only be a sporting complex. We will also do cultural activities here and as also mentioned earlier we will also be doing Kickboxing and Karate training as an after school program so it’s a multipurpose facility that can also be a sidewalk around the entire perimeter for people to walk around in the evening, evening walks you know so it’s something that will serve the entire community and not just to serve athletes.”

The Deputy Prime Minister and the Minister of Sports, Patrick Faber was also on hand for the groundbreaking ceremony and noted that his brother was a sports enthusiast.

Patrick Faber – Minister of Sports: For us here in the Collet area this is a long awaited dream to be breaking ground for this sporting compound and I wish to make our gratitude known to the Belize Olympic and Commonwealth games association on behalf of myself, our Chairlady Ms. Carol who is at the back there and all the residence of the Collet constituency especially those from this polling area 20 A and I believe that I can speak on behalf of my friend and my colleague as well Mr. Phillip Willoughby and my other friends and colleague though the media tries to tear that up sometimes the Honorable Boots Martinez for serving here, putting this facility here on the boundary on what is the College Division and the Port Loyola constituency. You will know that a long time ago we conceived this project. You will remember that Andrew Faber was a very avid sports person as well, in fact he was a Belize City Councillor up  until the time of his death and I believe he held the portfolio of sports and as Ian said he was a moving force in this constituency and particularly in this area and so the community felt it was appropriate for it to be named after him.

Faber added that renovations will be made to other sporting facilities within the city including the Berge Field and the Raccoon Street Field.